Preview: Ladhood

The lads get to grips behind the wheel. Photo: BBC

Series two of Liam Williams’ coming of age comedy series continues with the same tongue in cheek humour and boyish confidence that defined its first outing. We see the aftermath of Liam’s break up with Jess, in which he commits to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. At the ripe age of 33, he decides it’s finally high time he face a long put-off obstacle: learning to drive.

Leeds, early 2000s, Ralph – being the first to turn 17 – is only days away from his driving test. The lads, looking for a chauffeur, are pinning all their hopes on him passing first time.

For Liam, it’ll be a ticket to freedom, self-determination and adventure. But when he realises it’s harder to escape the mundanity of life than he first thought, his frustrations reaches a boiling point.

Ladhood – Monday at 10:35pm, on BBC One