Preview – Last Night of the Proms

BBC Proms
Image Credit: BBC / Mark Allan

The Last Night of the Proms will always have the one problem it can never get rid off: the fact it always comes across as the poshest, elitist, snobbiest event shown on TV.

Every time you see footage of the audience waving union flags and singing along with the most pompous of music like Rule Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory, you can never feel like you can shake off all the toffery that goes with it. The BBC may think that the Proms tries to introduce classical music to the masses, but the last night will always put people off.

Mind you, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the regulars are put off by the fact that this event is partly being shown on something as mainstream as BBC One.

Last Night of the Proms is on BBC Two at 19.15, and last on BBC One at 21.00.