Preview – Lawless Britain: Gangs, Knives, Killers

Lawless Britain

Gang crime – a deplorable and frankly disgusting phenomenon which seems to be on the rise this year particularly in rural London – and the pseudo-culture it has spawned are explored in Channel 5’s Lawless Britain series. The series focuses on knife and acid attacks this week and really hammers home a number of big questions: what is drawing young people into this life, what is the point of these senseless attacks and should we, as a society, be taking a more combative approach to the gangs that commit them?

This episode focuses on the gang feuds and turf wars sprawled across major British cities which have claimed over 50 innocent lives this year already. The programme takes a look at what is being done to combat gang culture while gang members past and present reveal why their lifestyle is so intoxicating, and why it will be almost impossible to turn new recruits away from the thrill of notoriety.


Lawless Britain: Gangs, Knives, Killers – Monday 10:00pm on Channel 5.