Preview – Lego Masters

Lego Masters
Roma Agrawal and Matthew Ashton. Picture Publicist: Charlie Fearn.

When I said I would preview this I hadn’t seen the first episode. I decided to watch it in order to make my preview as accurate as possible. Having watched it, I regret my move.

Watching the first episode, I almost immediately wanted to punch the screen when I saw someone described as a “Lego Historian”. I can’t think of a more hipster job title than this, and as a northerner I can tell I never use the word “hipster” in a positive context. It seems like Channel 4 decided that after getting Bake Off, they just wanted to come up with another stupid reality show, but one with a sponsor crowbarred into the title to feed of the product placement revenue.

Today’s episode is funfair themed, with Richard Osman as a guest judge.

Lego Masters is on Channel 4 at 20.00.