Preview – Life and Death Row

life and death row 2

BBC cameras return to Arkansas, USA to look into the lives of the men and women sentenced to death. In this series, we see the cases of an unprecedented 8 men who are scheduled to be executed within one week of eachother, in the hopes of depleting a batch of Midazolam (the drug used for the executions in the state) before it expires.

This episode, we follow the case of Jack Jones – the next prisoner in line to die – meeting his sister Lynn Scott in her attempt to have his execution postponed on medical grounds. Jack already has a number of medical complications including diabetes which has cost him a leg and hence his sister’s appeal revolves around the fact that the medication he takes may detrimentally affect the use of the Midazolam causing him and agonising death – his victim’s family on the other hand have no such sympathy after 20 years of excruciating legal proceedings in their hunt for justice and want the execution to go on as planned.

Elsewhere we see the case of Marcel Williams who, even just weeks from his due date, continues to proffess his innocence with a plea made by his lawyer that  the original legal proceedings at his trial were flawed, with lawyers withholding a crucial piece of evidence from the jury at the time. Williams’ attorney Jason Kearney argues that the gravity of these mistakes could save Marcel’s life and it becomes a race against time for his legal team to bring the case before the court.


Life and Death Row: The Mass Execution – Sunday 9:00pm on BBC2