Preview – Little Big Shots

Dawn French - Little Big Shots

As if our nights aren’t filled with enough reality TV already, ITV are filling the Wednesday night slot with a new show, Little Big Shots, presented by Dawn French.

With no prizes on offer and no losers, the show aims to highlight the world’s most talented children encouraging 3 to 13-year-olds to take to the stage and show the public what they’ve got.

The show is set around an enormous revolving stage – one side has a sofa for Dawn where she chats to the young talents and the second half is the performance space which can be adapted to any type of performance.

Each show will unveil aspiring young acts from the UK and around the world, with talents that range from black belt karate champions to classical music masters and miniature chefs. There are tiny dancers, young soul sensations, audacious scooter stunt kids and spelling bee specialists who are only just out of nursery. 

Without the drive to win, will the talents win our hearts or will the series be lost behind the big budget shows such as The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent?

 Little Big Shots, Wednesday, 8pm – ITV