Preview – Loaded

(C) Hillbilly Productions, Kishet

There are not that many adaptations of Israeli comedy shows in Britain. The only one I can think is the BBC Two panel show The Bubble, which had one series back in 2010, so not a great record.

Adapted from the series Mesudarim which ran for two series in Israel between 2008-09, comedy drama Loaded follows four very different friends; guilt-ridden Josh (Jim Howick), self-confident Leon (Samuel Anderson), tragic romantic Ewan (Jonny Sweet) and ex-junkie Watto (Nick Helm). They created Idyl Hands Games, the company behind Cat Factory, a pointless gaming app than resulted in the company becoming the third most valuable start-up in UK history. The quartet have now sold their company for £246 million.

The series follows the four guys trying to keep control of the lives now that they are stinking rich – a problem given how much British people hate other people’s success.

Loaded is on Channel 4 at 22.00.