Preview: London’s Greatest Bridges, with Rob Bell

Rob Bell
Over the water and under our feet lies a secret history of construction, planning, invention and ambition. Photo: Channel 5

TV presenter, adventurer and advocate Rob Bell explores the hidden history at the foundations of four of London’s most iconic bridges. On this episode, he approaches Waterloo Bridge, and uncovers the history that many people aren’t aware of, as their feet pass overhead.

After the original 1817 bridge, was demolished in the 1930s, a new Waterloo Bridge was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott. A little interruption known as the Second World War got in the way of its construction, as most of the workforce had gone to fight.

Most, but not all; London still had a capable and eager workforce of women, who were hired by Peter Lind & Co. and finished the bridge in no time – it opened in 1942 and stands the same today.

London’s Greatest Bridges – Monday at 7:00 pm on Channel 5