Preview: Long Lost Family Special: The Unknown Soldiers

Long Lost Family Special: The Unknown Soldiers

In this Long Lost Family Special, Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell tell the story of British and Commonwealth soldiers who died during World War One. As they piece together the backgrounds of the men, they are given unprecedented access to the Ministry of Defence’s War Detectives team, who use state of the art forensics and ground-breaking technology to identify the bodies of unknown British and Commonwealth Soldiers.

There are over half a million World War service personnel with no known grave and these historical investigators are tasked with identifying those whose remains are found and trying to trace their surviving families.

Each year around 60 bodies of British service personnel killed in battle are found by farmers, builders and archaeologists worldwide. The War Detectives try to identify these remains and work tirelessly in their quest to find answers for the families, some of whom have been haunted for decades.

Davina and Nicky join the detectives as they consult war maps, diaries, medical and service records and use DNA testing to piece together the life of each soldier from the time they left British shores to their final steps on the battlefield. They meet the families of the missing, helping them form a fully-rounded picture of their long lost relative and finally laying them to rest at a full military burial.

Long Lost Family Special: The Unknown Soldiers – Monday at 9.00pm on ITV.