Preview: Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency

Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency

Our mental health has changed. This once taboo subject is now in the spotlight, with everyone from the royal princes to schoolchildren prepared to talk about it. But with a rise in awareness has come a surge in people asking for help or harming themselves.

This new series goes to the heart of front line services as staff of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust reveal how they struggle to tackle an unprecedented rise in demand.

Episode one features new mum Laura, who’s 31. She has no history of mental health issues, but two weeks after giving birth she attempted to kill her husband and newborn baby in a bout of mania, driving at high speed towards a wall. Laura is brought in to the Mother and Baby Unit, where she’s sectioned and diagnosed with post-partum psychosis. Her husband Dan is by her side throughout the ordeal as doctors attempt to guide Laura back to everyday life.

Briena’s family arrive in A&E in the middle of the night, no longer able to cope with their 11-year-old daughter’s extreme panic attacks, which manifest in suicidal thoughts and entire body seizures. The child and adolescent mental health team has to make a big call immediately: is Briena really suicidal, or is there an underlying and more complicated diagnosis?

Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency – Tuesday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.