Preview – Lost Land of the Volcano

Jungle New Guinea

Volcano’s, known for their impending danger, are often left unexplored but thanks to the BBC’s Natural History Unit, a team of scientists embark on a journey of discovery bringing the stunning wildlife and unspoilt jungle right into our living rooms.

The team start their journey in New Guinea, a rugged tropical island that is home to some of the strangest creatures on the planet.

The team set up base at the foot of Mount Bosavi, a giant extinct volcano covered in thick and largely unexplored rainforest. With the help of trackers from a remote tribe, they aim to search for the animals that live there – and they make amazing finds.

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan discovers the nest of the world’s smallest parrot, insect expert Dr George McGavin finds a talking beetle, the scientists identify types of frog, gecko and bat that are completely new to science, and adventurer Steve Backshall has to live and sleep underground as he explores a cave system flooded with white water.

The cameras follow the team every sweaty step of the way as they search for the evidence that may help preserve this last great jungle forever.

Lost Land of the Volcano, Wednesday, 8pm – BBC Four