Preview: Lost Pyramids of the Aztecs

Reconstructing a quarry with ancient Aztec technology. Photo: Channel4

The Aztec empire of the 13th and 14th centuries ruled one of the most powerful civilisations ever seen in the Americas. Although they have a well-deserved reputation as ruthless warriors, they were also capable of ingenious engineering as they converted conquered territory into Aztec strongholds.

They built towering pyramids and ambitious civil engineering projects, on par with the Roman Empire with nothing but manpower alone. Despite this, after less than 200 years of thriving, Spanish invaders would largely erase their achievements, and cities and monuments were torn down.

Today, many Aztec secrets lie buried underneath modern-day Mexico City, and archaeologists are digging to find out how and why these monumental builds came to be. With CGI and unique new discoveries, we can reconstruct many of the lost wonders and restore some of the might and glory of this forgotten kingdom.

Lost Pyramids of the Aztecs – Saturday at 9pm on Channel 4