Preview: Love Island

Love Island. Joanna and Michael get familiar

While the cat’s away the mice will play … or, put another way, vain and superficial girls and boys in relationships bin it all off for a new crush within 24 hours of being separated.

Yup, that’s the situation we now find ourselves in. Stable, dependable Curtis has had his head turned and has left it all hanging out, while back at the villa Amy’s self doubt is reducing her to bits.

Man-hunk Michael is also taking a sledgehammer to his chance of winning 50k or Amber’s heart – you can decide where his priorities lie – as he tries face-eating Joanna.

The Casa Amor has certainly done the business and the cattle market is in full swing. There will be consequences though and surely even the most blinded, love-drunk or lust-driven Islander will know that they’ll have to face the person they have cheated on.

Currently on the naughty step are Curtis, Michael, Danny and Anna. Will they go all in? Tune in and find out.

Love Island – Tuesday at 9.00pm on ITV2.