Preview: Love Island

Maura Higgins - Love Island

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t enjoyed the clumsiness of some of the guys’ attempts at courtship on this year’s Love Island. However, it’s been a bit sedate when it comes jockeying for position, jousting and intrigue. 

The producers must have sensed this too, because they’ve just thrown in a box of hand grenades – minus the pins. The introduction of new eye candy certainly turned heads and made the reunion last night of coupled and (former) singletons, a pretty distasteful spectacle. 

Yes, I get that it’s a game and there’s a cash prize as an incentive but to destroy someone on national TV for ratings is Jeremy Kyle-level TV. Young Curtis told everyone about his feelings for another girl (who rejected him) and allowed partner Amy to walk on set oblivious to his revelation. Anna then did the dirty on Jordan, and Amber, who has not been everyone’s cup of tea due to her outspokenness but has remained resolutely faithful to her man, walked in to find Michael had ditched her for new arrival Joanna. 

There is no longer harmony at the villa and the anguish on the girls’ faces (especially Maura – she of the sharpest tongue) as they discovered how completely Amy and Amber had been betrayed, sets up a Game of Thrones-style bloodletting. 

If you thought Tuesday was awkward, prepare yourself with a cushion to hide behind tonight, because it is sure to get messy. 

Love Island – Wednesday 9.00pm on ITV2.