Preview: Love Island

Maura snakes in on Curtis

Oh Curtis, your tears of contrition don’t wash. You’ll surely have to pack your bags and wander out into the bear pit of public opinion after so mercilessly slaying poor Amy’s feelings. 

Yeah, but what about Anna? I hear you say. 

What about Anna? She’s a girl and her head is scrambled apparently, so that doesn’t count … and Jordan didn’t start crying, therefore … free pass!

It’s fair to say there’s a division between what male fans of the show think and what female viewers think. Let’s just leave it at that and move on, because that’s one land mine I’m not keen to step on today.

That said, for all the flak that Michael and Curtis have had aimed at them and the scorn they’ve faced from housemates, it seems their indiscretions have emboldened other Islanders. Lucie propositioned Tommy again, much to the chagrin of Molly-Mae and newly coupled Maura looks like she’s ‘Girl Code-lite’ as she confided she fancies Curtis (after earlier blasting him as she consoled Amy). What a snake!

There’s lots happening in the villa and the weekend might see some moves as Amber goes on a date with cuckolded Ovie, and Jordan and Anna spend some time together too. 

Amy took a mini break from the villa today for counselling after her break up. It would be unconscionable for her ex and Maura to get together with her still on the Island … but it would be such fun! #BedOfSnakes

Love Island – Friday at 9.00pm on ITV2.