Preview: Love Island

Curtis and Maura dancing - Love Island

Welcome back for another week in the snake pit and be prepared, there are going to be scenes!

Maura has ditched any pretence of compassion and is ruthlessly flirting with Curtis in front of poor discarded Amy. If you thought Curtis’s break up chat with her was brutal, Maura’s betrayal and faux friendship are scouring salt into her wounds.

In other news, Ovie’s brief dalliance with Anna is over. George’s brief dalliance with Lucie ditto, which means there are plenty of free bodies at the moment and a recoupling due – so plenty of incentive to fall instantaneously head-over-heels in love. Only the very stupid (I know, this is Love Island) would leave themselves without a partner – with a public vote in the air.

There are games to play and baddies to paint as the guys and gals jockey for position. If I were Michael, I wouldn’t be feeling too confident about a prolonged stay. Similarly, Curtis has a job to do to convince everyone that he was being cruel to be kind when he dumped Amy, because honestly, genuinely his heart belonged to Maura from the moment she entered the villa. Really, truly … and that’s a true fact!

Meh, maybe. Tune in and find out which face the beguiling ballroom dancer is wearing tonight. Give a cheat enough rope and he’ll hang himself.

Love Island – Monday ay 9.00pm on ITV2.