Preview: Love Island

Love Island

I just can’t keep up with the Love Island ninnies, one minute Anton is head over heels in love with Belle, gushing how she’s the only one for him and that marriage is where he sees the relationship ending up.  The next he gives up his mobile number to a checkout girl and sticks his tongue in someone else’s mouth. So you see, a weekend is like a lifetime in the villa.

For all his shortcomings, though, Anton has avoided the public’s wrath and sidestepped the ‘least popular couple’ vote, which tonight sees Joanna and love rat Michael pitted against each other as eviction candidates.

The twists and turns, eh? We all know that Joanna is super jealous of Amber’s past history with her man. And we also know that Amber is still stoked for Michael. What we don’t know is what Michael feels. He’s said the right things to Joanna and the rest of the gang because he knows that to say otherwise would have made him about as welcome as a maggot in an apple. 

Given the opportunity to stay in the villa, will he throw Joanna under the bus? Tune in at 9 to find out.

Love Island – Monday at 9.00pm on ITV2.