Preview: Love Island

Michael - Love Island

This week isn’t going well. We’ve lost one backstabber (Joanna) and the other one (Michael) has finally buried the hatchet with poor jilted Amber. So where’s the drama and the conflict going to come from?

Maura has trapped off and is busily house-training Curtis. Jordan and Anna have had an intimate night alone in the hideaway and even the village idiot and Belle have kissed and made up.

The production staff needs to get its act together because everything is just too cosy. A bit of competition between Ovie and Chris wouldn’t go amiss – drop another eviction grenade to motivate them to find love. It’s a recipe for success.

I’ll tell you what else is a recipe for success – if you want trouble, that is. Take one ripped, self-interested narcissist and introduce a new guy to the girl he dumped and treated abysmally. Voila, Michael still has feelings for Amber! You couldn’t make this sh!t up. You really couldn’t.

Love Island – Wednesday at 9.00pm on ITV2.