Preview: Love Island

Chris talking to no one - Love Island

It seems that this season is all build-up, build-up, build-up … and then, meh, disappointment!

Here we are on tenterhooks wishing and waiting to be put out of our misery with the outcome of the surprise recoupling that was sprung last night, which apart from the obvious Amber/Gregg/Michael three-into-two-doesn’t-go conundrum, also features the heartrending sight of Chris’s tragic attempts in the art of love.

He’s tattooed, he’s handsome and he a disaster as soon as he gets near a woman. It’s a distressing spectacle as he wanders from one sympathy embrace to the next oblivious to the fact he has no chance of pulling. Does tonight signal the denouement of Chris’s failed endeavours as a romancer?

We very much doubt it, he’s comedy gold. 

Fill your boots tonight, though, because the show takes a break on Saturdays and the 48-hour hiatus until the islanders return could leave you as dry and empty as a beaten sheaf. 

Love Island – Friday at 9.00pm on ITV2.