Preview: Love Island

Love Island - Molly-Mae

Isn’t it a shame when you’ve got together a group of people who get on and – for the most part – like each other, but then the public in their wisdom start voting them out and their replacements are, well, vacant and charisma-free?

Tonight, I’m thrilled to announce there will be a first date for somewhat newcomers thingy with tattoos and thingy with the weird mouth. 

Yes, there needs to be some serious action to stop this show from rebranding as Lackluster Island.

Now that Michael, the last of the great deceivers, has been eliminated, who can we look to for two-facedness and double speak?  If I were a betting man, I’d have money on Curtis and Anna having cards up their sleeves. And though Tommy is trotting around the villa all loved up, Molly-Mae does not carry the same conviction in her actions. For my money, once the prize is decided for good or bad, she’s dropping Lenny, sorry, Tommy as soon as they leave the Island.   

One person who would certainly stir things up guested on Aftersun the other night. Anton’s mum was comedy gold! She’d been left in the Green Room a little too long and when she got on air she was well and truly flying. Crashing the conversations like a steaming 1am wedding guest – she delivered opinion, incoherence and a refreshing break from playing it safe. When Aftersun is upstaging the main show there is something seriously amiss.

Love Island – Monday at 9.00pm on ITV2.