Preview: Love Island

Love Island

Sometimes when watching Love Island I wonder what went through a particular Islander’s head before they said what they said, but then I check myself and remember what show I am watching.

It came as a surprise to see nincompoop Jordan pour petrol over his hopes of securing £50k – after sticking in the hard yards to win back Anna and acting like a semi-grownup – by then choosing to go after another girl while within touching distance of the finishing line. What an absolute melon.

As we approach the finale, we’re starting to see through the chinks in the masks some of the contestants have been wearing. Curtis has more faces than the town hall clock and used one of them to ease his pal (Jordan) to the exit with some bro-type advice that not even a simpleton would act on – but as I said earlier, this is Love Island.

Molly-Mae is as fake as her tan. Anton is as shallow as a dried puddle. Maura is just plain mental. And Ovie, despite being a late arrival and not fitting in straight away, has come into his own by remaining true to himself and those around him. 

With so many departures this week, Ovie has now got to be in there with a decent shout at the money, but there are new cliques and intrigues being plotted. Let’s just hope India doesn’t have a brain fart and take him down with her.

Love Island – Friday at 9.00pm on ITV2.