Preview: Love Island

Love Island

Imagine the concept: invite a collection of très vain clothes horses and muscle poseurs to fawn over each other at a Spanish villa while dangling a £50,000 pounds bounty in front of them – then discard and let them cringe with shame for the rest of their days when they realise they’ve been the joke in a tasteless reality sitcom … rinse and repeat the next year with similarly brain-lite egocentrics.

That’s basically where we are mid-way through week three of this compulsively repulsive soak in superficiality. The real-life Kens and Barbies are merrily doing their thing while Joe Garrett blisters the audiences’ conscience with his possessive and controlling behaviour.

Producers gotta produce but they knew what they were doing when they put him in there. TV at a cost.

Love Island – Tuesday at 9.00pm on ITV2.