Preview: Love Island

Tom and Maura

Warning, shots fired! Last night’s text to Maura warning the Islanders that a recoupling is imminent has added to the frisson of anticipation in the villa as stirring, flirtation and foot-in-mouth syndrome have all combined to keep all the phony fidelity simmering nicely.

Social media has been on fire since Tom was overheard bragging to the boys that he’d find out if Maura was ‘all mouth’ about her openness to sex – ahead of their night in the Hideaway. And when the fiery Irish model found out, she told him in no uncertain terms to go away and fornicate with himself. Yes, this is the same Maura who said she’d wrap her legs round Tommy Fury’s neck when she was full-on predatory – but hey, there’s a game to be played.

Maura’s one of the oldest in the villa at 28 and though she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, she knows how to game the other Islanders and is pretty successful at it … so far.

Her scheming helped pick off Elma and painting Tom as the misogynist ahead of a shake-up can only be in her favour. However, if you are going to use chicanery you better be peerless at it.

Tune in tonight to find out who couples with who and what the fall out will be.

Love Island – Monday at 9.00pm on ITV2.