Preview: Love Island

Arabella and Danny

She tried playing it cool but the viewers were just left feeling cold towards her. Yep, Yewande’s gone. We were bored of her stringing along poor puppy-eyed Danny anyway, so good riddance.

After the departure there are now plenty of balls in the air (metaphorically). Danny barely had time to wipe off Yewande’s lipstick before Arabella went in for full face lock-on … and the other girls are not impressed!

No doubt we get another rendition of Maura’s ‘girl code’ nonsense as they give the newest arrival to the villa the cold shoulder. Speaking of Maura she is still in full-on power play over the contrite Tom and if we learnt anything from her behaviour over the past two weeks it is that she knows where, why and how to push the buttons to get what she wants.

Lets see what tonight holds, shall we?

Love Island – Tuesday at 9.00pm on ITV2.