Preview – Made in Chelsea

made in chelsea

Everyone’s favourite bunch of posh young socialites – still very much living in their microcosmic bubble of their SW3 based reality TV show – return for a brand new season of lavish soirées, “shocking” infidelity and top-notch upperclass drama.

The BAFTA award winning reality show kicks off another season with Jamie’s return to Chelsea, eager to introduce his new holiday romance, Melody, to his castmates and pals. Following the explosive arguments of the previous season, New Yorker Alik retains his place amongst the cast while Lousie Thompson – formerly an object of Alik’s affections – remains loved up with her current boyfriend Ryan. One relationship which seems the polar oppsoite of that, however, is Harry and Mellissa’s as a revelation from Mimi threatens to cast their whole future together into doubt. Showrunners are prepared to shock viewers with an guest role which is as bizarre as it out of place; Stanley Johnson, former MP and father of Foreign secretary Boris Johnson, will be joining show in some capacity – yes, you read that right, Stanley Johnson. Bemusing.


Made in Chelsea – Monday 9:00pm on E4