Preview – Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald

Trevor McDonald, Marian Romano - Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald

Journalist Trevor McDonald delves into a world that most would avoid at all costs. Returning to the world of Mafia, in this episode, Trevor gets inside the lives of a secret community of ex-mobsters and their wives who are all in hiding from the Mafia. Trevor’s journey takes him to a series of undisclosed locations across America to meet women who know the riches, the pain and the sense of betrayal life with a mobster can bring.

Trevor meets Marian Romano, the wife of one of the richest gangsters in mob history. Marian has certainly benefited having lived in a five million dollar mansion in Staten Island in which they held private parties for the likes of Paul Anka. When her husband went to prison, he insisted that they kept the real story from their family. Marian tells Trevor what it is like to have to lie to your children about their father, and how one day, her teenage son confronted her, demanding to know the truth of why Sal had disappeared from their lives.

We are also introduced to Donna Mangiavillano and her two daughters, Stefanie and Victoria, and husband Salvatore. Salvatore once made millions masterminding bank heists for the mob. When he chose to cooperate with the FBI, Donna was furious at his betrayal, even though it meant he could avoid yet more years in prison and see his daughters grow up. Donna refused to go into witness protection with her husband and his daughter Victoria tells Trevor how they live with the fear that the Mafia will come for revenge.

Surprisingly in a world filled with brutal violence and crime, Trevor manages to highlight the love and loyalty a Mafia family has for one another.

Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald, Thursday, 9pm – ITV