Preview – Major League Baseball: Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees

Boston New York

In recent years several American sports have put on matches in this side of the pond. While some like American football have held games over here for a while, baseball has lagged behind until now.

While baseball is actually has its roots in Britain (it’s even mentioned in a Jane Austen novel), Major League Baseball has been slow to arrive. But today it does so with two of the biggest sides in the sport: the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees – one of the bitterest rivalries not just in baseball, but in all sport.

In what is the first time a regular season game has been played in all of Europe, it should be a thrilling game, even if you are a neutral – or indeed British.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankies is on BT Sport 1 from 17.00, with live coverage also on BBC iPlayer.