Preview: Make Me Prime Minister

Make Me Prime Minister - ep6

At a time when the country has been in dire need of leadership, this series has been a welcome and at times funny look at the lost art of politics. Gone are the talentless, the egoists, the reckless and those who fell agonisingly short as we look forward to the final two horse run-off.

It’s time to crown the Alternative Prime Minister, as the all-female final three embark on the ultimate campaign trail, guided by political heavyweights Alastair Campbell and Sayeeda Warsi.

Kelly, Natalie and Holly, ably assisted by some familiar faces, are tasked with one final challenge – projecting and presenting their big ideas to the public and the media. Cue personalised battle buses, raucous rallies, potentially clichéd promotional videos and three intense campaigns to land the top job. But there can only be one winner: who will triumph and be named Channel 4’s Alternative Prime Minister?

Make Me Prime Minister – Tuesday at 9.15 on Channel 4.