Preview – Manchester Bomb: Our Story

Manchester Bomb

Nearly one year on from the worst terror attack to be staged on British soil since 7/7, the BBC’s observational documentary, Manchester Bomb: Our Story, sees survivors of the attack ranging in age from 11 to 18 open up about the horrific experience. With 22 people confirmed dead, more than 250 injured and countless lives impacted, this harrowing documentary sheds light upon the experiences of those who were there, the subsequent investigation and the abhorrent act’s aftermath.

The film follows the lives of 3 of the surviving girls and their stories; Erin, an 11 year-old who had to walk through the bomb site to escape the auditorium, Amelia, an 18 year-old who was caught up and injured in the blast, and Louise (20) who’s entire life has been put on hold after losing her brother during the attack. Told in their own words with raw honesty, the film gives a unique insight into their worlds following a tragedy of national significance.


Manchester Bomb: Our Story – Tuesday 10:45pm on BBC1.