Preview: Manctopia – Billion Pound Property Boom


Modernisation, gentrification, call it what you will – Manchester is currently experiencing a property boom. However, for all the new-build tower blocks with their penthouses and luxury urban living there is a severe shortage of affordable housing. In the third instalment of this four-part study of the changing face of a city, we get to see the people who get left behind when property investors and speculators move in.

In Manchester city centre, The West Tower is the latest skyscraper to open to the booming rental market.

General manager Matt has over 300 apartments to rent out for owners Legal & General, and starts off with free yoga classes in the penthouse to raise the tower’s profile.

But as towers rise on the skyline, Salford Mayor Paul Dennett needs to find a way to build more affordable housing in the city. Homeless people and low-income earners are often forced into shelters or temporary accommodation as the city’s affordable housing stock falls short.

Manctopia – Billion Pound Property Boom – Tuesday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.