Preview: Manhunt – The Raoul Moat Story

Manhunt - The Raoul Moat Story

The former Chief Constable of Northumbria Police told Radio 5 Live: “I don’t feel empathy for somebody who sadistically gunned down and killed one individual and seriously harmed two others.”

Ten years on from the shocking spree of murder and maiming committed by Moat, the new documentary tells the story of how the former nightclub bouncer was released from prison days before embarking on a vindictive spree of violence. Evading police for more than a week, Moat was finally cornered near a river in Northumberland and a standoff – punctuated by a bizarre intervention from Paul Gascoigne – ensued before he killed himself.

Moat’s acts left a man murdered, a woman fighting for her life, a police officer (PC David Rathband would later commit suicide) blinded.

Using interviews with police, victims’ relatives and witnesses, Nicky Campbell tells the story of how the Newcastle-based murderer was tracked down – all in the glare of 24-hour rolling news. Was Moat the remorseless killer he is painted to be or did his dysfunctional upbringing, jailing and separation from his children cause a breakdown in his mental health?   

Manhunt The Raoul Moat Story – Thursday at 9.00pm on ITV.