Preview: Mary Berry – Love to Cook

Mary Berry - Love to Cook
Join Mary Berry as she meets crafty cooks across the UK. Photo: BBC

Beloved chef Mary Berry has spent her career teaching new cooks a thing or two, and she is eager to get people into the kitchen with confidence. She shows us a recipe for easy stir-fry hoisin chicken, a mouth watering salmon and dill burger that even the most inexperienced cooks can master, and the secrets behind her best ginger biscuits.

In Newcastle, she meets the Men’s Pie Club, a group set up to combat male social isolation. With beautiful views over the River Tyne, the group meet at the Castle to impress Mary with their spiced chicken and apricot tagine pie. 

This groundbreaking group, which has around 120 local members, has ignited a spark for cooking and helped the men surround themselves with like-minded people who care.

Mary Berry: Love to Cook – Thursday at 8pm on BBC Two