Preview – Masterchef


The great thing about these early rounds of Masterchef is that the impostors are putting it out there loud and proud, oblivious to the limitations of their culinary ability. They talk the talk and they deliver plates to the pass that certainly have the wow factor – though, just not the kind of wow viewers are expecting.

Greg Wallace and John Torode put their taste buds on the line and keep straight faces as the wheat and chaff, of this current crop of wannabe chefs, is separated.

I get a perverse sense of pleasure watching the early round disasters on Masterchef, because I am dysculinaric (I made that word up) and well able to burn the contents of a tin of beans. That said, I can’t help but feel some of the contestants have been duped by the show’s producers into believing they stand a chance. Perhaps it’s time for Ainsley Harriott’s Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook to make a comeback.

Masterchef – Friday 8.30pm on BBC1.