Preview – Masterchef

Masterchef - John Torode and Greg Wallace.

It’s been a week since we were first introduced to the new magnificent MasterChef market, stocked with fresh produce from around the world.

After three rounds of heats we’ve already seen it all – stressed contestants running around for no apparent reason, under and overcooked meat and bemused looks between John and Greg as paella rice is used instead of risotto rice – no dear, it’s not the same thing.

Tonight another eight contestants face the first round of heats, challenged with inventing a dish from the market produce in an hour and twenty minutes – this week’s meat and fish section contains pork chops, beef mince, kidneys, bone marrow and clams.

As eight become five, the contestants are really put to the test having to create a two course meal for the 2010 finalists, Alex Rushmer and Tim Kinnaird as well as champion Dhruv Baker, before John and Greg make the final decision on which three deserve a place in the quarter-final on Friday.

MasterChef, Wednesday, 8pm – BBC One