Preview – May v Corbyn Live: the Battle for Number 10

Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman

Perhaps the most expected of the interviews this General Election has finally arrived, because the two people with the best chance of becoming Prime Minister face perhaps their biggest challenge: Jeremy Paxman.

The Battle for Number 10 is split in two parts and is being shown on two channels. One is the interviews with Paxo (sadly, there is still no straight forward debate between May and Corbyn). The other part is questions from the studio audience presented by Faisal Islam, the political editor for Sky.

This will be Theresa May’s first big TV interview since the Manchester terror attacks (Corbyn was interviewed by Andrew Neil on BBC One last Friday), so it will be interesting to see how her views on terrorism will differ to that of her biggest opponent.

May v Corbyn Live: the Battle for Number 10 is on Channel 4 and Sky News at 20.30.