Preview – Me and My Mental Illness

Alastair Campbell in Me and My Mental Illness, Channel 5

A mental health issue is a behavioural or mental pattern that may cause suffering or a difficulty functioning in daily life. It’s a clinical description but one that is unflinchingly accurate.

In this series for Channel 5 high profile figures discuss with candour their experiences with physically invisible conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress. Told straight to camera, these stories explore the reality of waging a daily battle with your own mind.
Among those taking part are Alistair Campbell, the New Labour spin doctor and political strategist, who suffered a psychotic breakdown and depression and Frank Bruno who lives with bi-polar disorder and of whom The Sun famously headlined “Bonkers Bruno Locked Up” after the former boxer was sectioned. Thankfully mental health is higher people’s consciousness now and this is aa welcome addition to the growing number of programmes raising awareness of mental health issues.

Me and My Mental Illness is shown tonight at 10.00pm on Channel 5