Preview: Meat the Family

Meat the Family

What happens when your supper comes to stay? For three weeks, four meat loving families have, with expert guidance, been caring for farm animals in their own home, learning the reality of their animals’ journey from field to plate. But they face a tough choice: to give up meat and save their animals by sending them to a sanctuary or reintroducing them back into the food chain – and facing the prospect of their animals becoming dinner.

The lambs have become much-loved family members, but Pam and Lou feel committed to remaining as meat eaters. Jade and Jazmyn are torn – will the experience encourage them to stop eating meat?

Meanwhile, another family meet two male dairy calves that will make them question their eating habits. Will the family’s two existing vegetarians, Nicky and Manon, convince the ardent carnivores to let the calves live? Or will dad Stefan’s trip to a mega farm cement his views on eating meat?

Meat the Family – Wednesday at 9.00pm on Channel 4.