Preview: Meet the Drug Lords – Inside the Real Narcos

Meet the Drug Lords - The Real Narcos

Ex-Special Forces soldier Jason Fox used to hunt down drug lords for a living. Now he seeks to understand how the billion-dollar drug cartels operate.

In this episode, Jason visits Colombia, one of the biggest traffickers of cocaine on the planet. Jason travels to Buenaventura, a port area through which an estimated quarter of the world’s cocaine is smuggled. It is a world of extreme violence, in which Jason meets an active assassin who is deeply troubled by what he does.

There’s also a look at the ingenious new methods for smuggling devised by the cartels. And on a visit to Medellin, Jason meets Popeye, close friend and chief assassin for Pablo Escobar – a man with 257 kills to his name.

Meet the Drug Lords – Inside the Real Narcos – Monday at 11.00pm on Channel Four.