Preview – Meet the Drug Lords: inside the Real Narcos

Meet the Drug Lords
Presenter: Jason Fox Loc: Sinaloa, Mexico Description: Tracking down one of the Sinaloan cartels lieutenants, charged with protecting the family of cartel boss, El Chapo, Jason learns this feared killer loves the money, cars and lifestyle his position brings, but also fears every day, he might himself be killed. Picture Publicist: Nathalie Mohoboob. Photographer: Production Company.

Jason “Foxy” Fox, an ex-special forces agents, travels to Central and Southern America to investigate current drug smuggling operations.

First, he looks into the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico, looking at how it operates and how it continues to evade the law. There are also the issue of turf wars and even murder in Acapulco.

Meet the Drug Lords: inside the Real Narcos is on Channel 4 at 21.00.