Preview – Meet the Lords

Meet the Lords

It’s a TV first – and after Theresa May’s impromptu visit and barely concealed ire last week – it could well be a TV last, as BBC cameras Meet The Lords. This fascinating documentary series takes viewers behind the scenes at the House of Lords, with exclusive access and unique insights into was a turbulent year for the peers, as they battled it out with the Government over dramatic changes to the political landscape.

Over the course of a year, the series follows some of the larger-than-life characters who inhabit the House of Lords, one of Britain’s oldest, most idiosyncratic and important institutions. For the first time, free-roaming cameras have been allowed to film inside the Lords Chamber and in its committees to capture moments that matter to the UK, but usually go unseen.

It is a year where the nation split over Brexit; a rapidly-changing Parliament and a Conservative government is for the first time having to tackle a chamber where the members are unelected, unaccountable and determined to scrutinise and challenge every aspect of our withdrawal from the European Union. Interesting times, indeed.

Meet the Lords Monday 9.00pm on BBC2