Preview – Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

Often seen as one of the most intimidating parts when getting into relationships, the dreaded first meeting with the parents can go one of two ways; very good or horrendously bad. Jay Roach’s 2000 Rom-com, Meet the Parents, explores the latter as a young male-nurse – played by Ben Stiller – stumbles his way through a living nightmare after a series of unfortunate events threaten to derail his marriage plans during his first meeting with his potential new in-laws. Joining Stiller amongst the cast, Robert De Niro stars alongside Teri Polo and Owen Wilson.

A male-nurse, Greg Focker’s, plans of a perfect proposal are put on the rocks after he and his partner, Pam, are invited to her sister’s wedding at their parents’ house in Oyster Bay, New York. Now under the scrutiny of Pam’s imposing father, Jack, Greg begins a charm offensive in the hopes of impressive his prospective new in-laws – albeit, to disastrous effect. As the mishaps begin to unfold before his very eyes, Greg’s plans to marry Pam are jeopardised before they’ve even come to fruition.


Meet the Parents – Saturday 9:00pm on Sky One.