Preview: Micky Flanagan – The Out Out Tour

Micky Flanagan - The Out Out Tour

So what if you’ve seen it before, this is vintage Micky Flanagan from 2011. Set your recorder if you need and watch it back at your leisure.

The Out Out Tour was a huge success centred on Flanagan’s deep mining of his experiences growing up in London’s East End in the 70s and 80s. It’s a set in which the comic is at his self-deprecating best making best use of his  working class cockney credentials to weave a series of fantastic tales that  lament the rise of promiscuity and the fall from favour of fingering, the multi-pronged nuances of going out and going out out and the number of times you can say hello to a neighbour before it becomes awkward. 

It’s brilliantly observed and executed comedy. Enjoy.

Micky Flanagan – The Out Out Tour – Thursday at 10.00pm on Sky One.