Preview: Midsomer Murders

Christopher Timothy and Sarah Dolman in Midsomer Murders

Midsomer is buzzing with excitement at the arrival of the annual ‘Paramount Dance Extravaganza’. But behind the sequins and smiles are deep running feuds and passions, and when the stakes are high, the desire to win can outweigh just about anything.

DCI Barnaby’s Dad NED (Christopher Timothy) has come to town. An avid ballroom dancer in his heyday, Ned is delighted to learn that his trip to Midsomer coincides with the annual ‘Paramount Dance Extravaganza’; a challenging ballroom dancing competition taking place over 4 nights.

The dance show gets off to an impressive start, but behind the sequins and smiles it’s clear to see that the dancers are harbouring deep seated jealousies that go back years. And none harbour more resentment than dancer Rosa Corrigan (Faye Tozer), who is boiling over with anger after her dance partner happened to be detained the day before the competition at immigration. Sick of watching her competitors sashay across the dance floor, Rosa storms off home… only to be later found murdered, choked with the tulle from her flamboyant dance costume.

Looking into her background, Barnaby and Winter discover that Rosa was in fact a journalist, mostly focused on low level local news stories… had she started to investigate something that someone would rather keep hidden? Or could this all really be about ancient grudges from the dance floor? 

Midsomer Murders – Tuesday at 9.00pm on ITV.