Preview – Mind the Age Gap

Mind the Age Gap

Can anything good come of this? Mind the Age Gap might, in sensitive hands, have provided insight and wisdom on the age-old differences between old and young. This, though, is a Channel 5 production so the emphasis was always going to be on rattling cages and playing to the galleries.

Last night’s revelation, from our admittedly small sample of youth, was that the EU Referendum was far from being an issue of angst for the young housemates, nor did they feel the decision to leave had stolen their future away.

So were they all ardent Brexiteers? No. They just didn’t bother to vote – bar two, and one of them couldn’t remember whether he’d voted in or out.

Tonight, Tracy enrols octogenarian Dee on Tinder and Bob cooks for everyone, but Tyrrel refuses to eat over Bob’s inappropriate remarks.

The future is bright, not.

Mind the Age Gap – Tuesday 10.00pm on Channel 5.