Preview – MisFits Like Us


Growing up is tough at the best of times. While zits, hormone changes and social awkwardness may be the worst of it for many kids, there are some whose lives are doubly hard for one simple reason; they are different to the norm. Life for these young adults living with a variety of conditions can often be lonely, given that they often find themselves separate from the different cliques and crowds of their peers, and that’s exactly what the BBC aim to explore in the documentary series; MisFits Like Us.

In the first episode this week, we meet keen art student Terrina who developed Tourette’s in her final year at uni and has never met anyone else with her condition. She is joined by a group of strangers who all have Tourette’s but, unlike Terrina, are more accepting of their condition and getting on with their lives. As they share their stories and show Terrina an inclusive, confidence-boosting community, will their shared time help the aspiring artist to build the confidence to step outside alone?


MisFits Like Us – Tuesday 10:45pm on BBC 1.