Preview – Missing Flight MH370


In one of modern history’s most perplexing cases, in 2014 Malaysian flight MH370 disappeared without a trace somewhere above the Indian Ocean. Now 4 years on, and with countless conspiracy theories circling the incident, Channel 5 explores what really happened on the 8th of March, 2017.

After disappearing without a trace in 2015 – its black box, flight data and SDU were lost amidst the wreckage somewhere in the Indian Ocean after its crew bid Malaysian air control “good night,” never to be heard from again – the case of the doomed Boeing 777, Flight MH370, is one shrouded in mystery and has spawned all-sorts of conspiracy theories ranging from the involvement of extra-terrestrials to the pilot’s suspected suicide. Now with access to behind the scenes footage and sources from the investigation which had never been available to the public until the filming of this programme, Channel 5 camera crew bring us closer to one of the greatest aviation mysteries in history.


Missing Flight MH370 – Tuesday 10:00pm on Channel 5.