Preview – Monkey Life Special

Monkey Life Special

As the Monkey World sanctuary in Dorset celebrates its 30th year, this remarkable documentary looks back at the story of the dedicated team who set it up, as well as the extraordinary primates who have lived there. From rescue missions to dentist trips, baby arrivals to sad farewells, Monkey World – and the viewers who have watched for 20 years – have seen it all. Narrated by Ralf Little, this one-hour special starts with founder Jim Cronin’s dream to save abused chimpanzees in Spain, charting the Sanctuary’s development into the largest of its kind in the world.

Although Jim died suddenly in 2007, his wife Alison and head keeper Jeremy worked on to fulfil a dream that has seen hundreds of abused and neglected primates nurtured back to health.

Monkey Life Special – Sunday at 6.00pm on Pick