Preview – MotherFatherSon


The BBC’s explosive political drama, MotherFatherSon, comes to a thrilling close tonight with Max’s empire and the fate of the entire nation hanging in the balance.

Richard Greer stars as international media-mogul Max and is joined by Helen McCrory and Billy Howle, who play his ex-wife Kathryn and son Caden respectively. Elena Anaya joins the cast, appearing as Max’s second wife Sofia, while Sarah Lancashire and Sinead Cusack become the entertainment magnate’s political rivals as Britain’s opposition leader, Angela, and one of Caden’s former confidants, Maggie.

Deciding to leave the rehabilitation centre behind, Caden returns to London and an uncertain future. Kathryn ponders the offer that Max has made to her but how will Caden react to the news, and can she even trust Max to keep his word? With the family scandal sparking outrage across Britain and with the fate of the country balancing on a knife edge, where will the nation find itself after its most divisive election campaign?

MotherFatherSon – Wednesday 9:00pm on BBC2.