Preview – Mountains: Life at the Extreme


BBC kicks off its latest wildlife series by exploring the greatest mountain ranges in the world to reveal the extraordinary animals and remarkable people that live there.

In its debut episode, the programme explores the North American Rockies – home to wildlife which is equally as dangerous as they are exciting; from the solitary cougars which raid the abandoned ranches of early American settlers to wolverines and grizzly bears which hunt deep within the snow-capped wilderness of the mountains. The programme also follows the human inhabitants and visitors of the Rockies including intrepid wing suit flying thrill seekers who base-jump off of the range’s steep cliffs and Native American tribes, competing in breakneck horse races. Elsewhere the cameras explore how the mountains also play home to a number of smaller, more surprising creatures, such as cannibalistic salamanders and huge migrating flocks of hummingbirds.


Mountains: Life at the Extreme – Tuesday 7:00pm on BBC2