Preview – Murder in the Car Park

Murder in the car park

It is 10pm in March 1987. In the car park of a south London pub, a well-dressed man lies dead on the ground. An axe is lodged in his skull and a thousand pounds has been left poking out of his trouser pocket. The man is a private investigator named Daniel Morgan and his murder is still unsolved to this day. Who wanted him dead? Who struck the fatal blow?

The answers lie in the dark shadows cast by a case that reaches from the seedy underworld of south London criminals up to the most senior echelons of London’s Metropolitan Police, the tabloid press, and eventually to the heart of the British establishment. This true crime drama documentary follows the twists and turns of a murder inquiry that has lasted 33 years, and cost £30 million, but has failed to convict anyone of Morgan’s murder. For the first time, those that were alleged to have committed the crime, the police officers who investigated, and the grieving brother of the victim all tell their story.

Murder in the Car Park – Monday 9:00pm on Channel 4.